Kim Sweet & Salty



Phone: (352) 448-1594

Address: 4111 Northwest 16th Boulevard, #358392, Gainesville, FL 32635


Kim Sweet & Salty started in my kitchen during 2020. Life had changed during the pandemic. I found myself with lots of time on my hands and, like all of us, plenty of things to stress, worry, and ponder over. I found relief and joy tinkering around in my kitchen. I surprised myself one day by trying (and succeeding!) at making skin and hair care products. I loved the process of experimenting with different oils and scents. I found myself looking forward to using my scrubs and oils at the end of each day as I sought to unwind, relax, and reflect. I hope these products can become apart of your self-care and skin-care routine as well. You can feel good about the high quality organic and food grade ingredients used. And, you can feel good about taking good care of yourself and the skin you’re in.

Exfoliate, exhale & enjoy!